U.S.A. Beats Canada: Summed Up In A GIF

2010 February 21

This will be plastered all over the American internets, if it isn’t already.

If I could make these GIFs myself with a TV tuner card, I would add one of the empty net dagger provided by a dive from Ryan Kesler. I say his name like I knew who he was before today. I didn’t know who Ryan Miller was either. Now the small audience who tuned into MSNBC knows him as the Canuck Slayer. So while 90% of Canada was watching this contest, in America it was relegated to the news network decimated daily by Fox News.

The other shoutout goes to Brian Rafalski, who scored two goals and set up a third. Basically Rafalski + Miller > Canada. Now I’m officially back into hockey — until America loses to Russia or something. But not until after Canada does, muahaha.

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