Your Trip-Hop Song of the Week

2010 February 19
by CajoleJuice

Portishead – We Carry On

I was watching Newswipe with Charlie Brooker –something I will probably make a future post on — and a song stood out to me during a piece, but not enough for me to remember the name or even the band. You know how that goes: the possibilities run through your mind and you’re not able to be think about anything else until you find the answer. I guess this is why there’s an iPhone app for this type of thing. I didn’t think of that solution until after I discovered the song in my iTunes, but I’m not sure it would have worked anyway, what with Charlie Brooker ranting extremely quickly over the song, which was already being played at a background noise level.

For some reason, I thought the song was by Aphex Twin, but a quick rundown of the one album I have from them resulted in a confirmation in the negative. I then just browsed through my iTunes collection looking for an artist whose style fit the song. Oh hey, Portishead! Lo and behold, the first song on Third (yet again, my sole album from the band) was what I was looking for. This then turned into me listening to the album in its entirety for perhaps the first time and enjoying quite a few of the songs — most notably this one.

And that’s the story of how one little song became the Somewhat Manly Nerd Song of the Week. It’s a high honor.

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