Your “Alone on Valentine’s Day” Song of the Week

2010 February 14

Radiohead – True Love Waits (live)

I was going to pick something a bit more obscure, but I’ve never posted this song before and I’m sure there are at least SOME people out there that haven’t heard this. And by some people I mean clueless teenagers. It’s not on any of Radiohead’s studio albums, but surely everyone over the age of 17 has heard it. I guess I’m just making sure — since everyone 18 and up obviously reads my blog. Perhaps I should comment on Valentine’s Day?

Usually I would be one to rip on the holiday, but I think Valentine’s Day hate is getting played out. Apathy is the new hate. I just do. not. care. that I will not be spending today with some special lady. I’m sure this sentiment will change at some point during the course of the day*, but that would just cement it as any other day. Does this signal personal growth of some kind? A scary possibility, I know. But then I think about making a joke about having sex with a virtual Yvonne Strahovski in Mass Effect 2 for Valentine’s Day and I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I’m still an idiot.

Man, Mass Effect 2 is awesome. And I don’t need to buy it anything for some random holiday. Now watch my 360 break. That would be a bad Valentine’s Day.

*Yep, that was quick.

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