Your Mass Effect Credits Song of the Week

2008 December 8
by CajoleJuice

Faunts – M4 (Part II)

You may be wondering why I’m posting the credits song of a year-old game. Well, I finally beat Mass Effect this weekend, a year behind the rest of the gaming world. I’m not quite sure why I stopped playing, as I enjoyed the game immensely and had thought about replaying it immediately once I finished it. I think maybe I bought GTA4 as I was near the end and that made me hate gaming for a little while. What a piece of shit that game is. Anyhow, I only had about two hours left in the game — I knew this was the case when I stopped playing — so I told myself I wouldn’t take it out of my 360 drive until I beat it. And no Fallout 3 either. I’m glad I got it out of my backlog, as the ending was fairly epic, and this credits song is pretty damn cool. So I decided to post it for your enjoy.

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