Super Bowl XLIV Happened

2010 February 8
by CajoleJuice

Peyton Manning pulled a Favre. Did anyone see that coming? That inception may not have been the last throw he made, but it might as well have been.

It’s amazing how little I have to say about this game. Maybe I’d have more to say if I could gush about Peyton Manning being the GOAT, but that’s kinda impossible when he was outplayed by Drew Brees, who was absolutely perfect. A QB can’t do much better than 32-39 for 288 yards and 2 TDs. If it weren’t for that pick, maybe Peyton would have. Or if Garcon caught that one pass. You know the one I’m talking about.

Seriously, I’ve got nothing. Uh, Reggie Bush didn’t do much. That I know. And my friend won 100 bucks in his pool. That was cool.

So is New Orleans officially rebuilt now? Did this Super Bowl win just make the city OK finally? Can we move on?

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t lie, you’re subscribed to Jezebel and share their articles with me!

    • CajoleJuice

      Comment on the right post!

  • Frank

    You know this is all part of Obama’s plans right?

    Next up is the BCS.

    • CajoleJuice

      Is he going to rig college football to make it look there are multiple legitimate claims as the #1 team?

  • BlueTsunami

    Is that Peyton in the background? Holy shat this is ownage in condensed form.

    • CajoleJuice

      Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.