Peyton Manning Has His Super Bowl Ring

2007 February 4
by CajoleJuice

The quarterback who has been compared endlessly to Dan Marino now has the one thing Marino doesn’t – a Super Bowl ring (and also a Super Bowl MVP award). The Colts have just beaten the Bears 29-17. I’m happy for the guy, since he’s a class act and is one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever had. Unfortunately, Marino is probably going to cry himself to sleep tonight. Manning still has a couple of Super Bowl wins to go if he wants to catch the Anti-Christ Tom Brady, but now Brett Farve is pretty much knocked down a peg on the all-time list. They both have one ring, but Manning is a massive threat to his soon-to-be passing records, which at the moment still sit in Marino’s hands. Poor Dan, he’s just getting owned at every corner.

The game itself was the story of the Colts’ complete and utter dominance – and also a shitload of fumbles. The pouring rain turned the first half of the game into some sort of blooper reel. Twice there was a fumble by one team, only for it to be fumbled back on the very next play. The starting kickoff was returned by the Bears for a TD, but after that it was all downhill; I’m reminded of another championship game…

Honestly, the 12-point difference doesn’t truly show just how well the Colts were able to impose their will on the Bears. The Colts had the ball for two-thirds of the game. When Grossman actually got a chance to be on the field, he played pretty damn bad.

That second interception was one of the worst passes in NFL history. Maybe he can blame it on the rain, but holy crap that was terrible. The game wasn’t over at that point. The Bears were only down by 5 points. Somehow they had managed to keep it within a touchdown, but then Grossman fucked up gloriously. Yep, one of the worst Super Bowl QBs in history.

The halftime show was being hyped up pretty big by CBS. Prince was supposed to bring down the house. I honestly expected a good performance, judging by some of the stuff I had seen over on Youtube. I was never a fan of the guy growing up because he seemed like some less-popular version of Michael Jackson. But like Chris Rock has said, “Prince won!” Even though he’s 5 feet tall and dresses like a woman, Prince has banged a multitude of hot chicks in his life and is enjoying a surge in popularity, while the pedophile Michael Jackson now looks more like a woman than his sister Janet and is infamous for hanging a baby out a window. Unfortunately, Prince’s performance was a bit underwhelming. Some of it was definitely due to the mixing and the rain probably didn’t help either. He was certainly better than last year, but U2′s set still reigns supreme out of recent performances. I have a band I think would rock the house, but I’m going to leave that for another post.

And last, but not least – the commercials. Overall, I’d say they were decent this year. As usual, Budweiser and Bud Light spots ruled the day. I’m going to have the urge to slap all my friends now, and Ultimate RPS (a hometown spin on Rock-Paper-Scissors) has taken on new meaning in my head. The commercial with the dog was pretty cool too. But I’m partial towards anything involving dogs. They pretty much rock. Oh, and I never want to eat a Snickers bar again just because of their commercial. You can watch all the commercials over at

For all you Bears fans out there, hurry up – you can still pick this DVD up over at

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