Everyone Hates Leno

2010 January 13

I just got done watching the best late-night television in years. David Letterman ripped Jay Leno, NBC, and Carson Daly. Conan O’Brien just didn’t give a crap, going straight after Leno and NBC. But then Jimmy Kimmel came on and outdid everyone by doing the entire show as Jay Leno. It was incredible up until Elisha Cuthbert came on as a guest and, though she looked hot, was a godawful interview who didn’t know how to handle what Kimmel was doing. Craig Ferguson also jumped in and called out NBC  liars. It was pretty awesome all around, especially since multiple hosts made fun of Carson Daly as well.

I’ll just link to this post on Gawker.tv, since they have EVERYTHING covered. But so there’s actually something in this post, I’ll embed two YouTube videos of Kimmel doing Leno; between Kimmel’s ridiculous impersonation, the band, and the Kevin Eubanks stand-in, this is television perfection.

I HIGHLY recommend clicking on the link and watching the Letterman and Conan clips, though.

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