I’d Like To Revisit an AB from Game 1 of the NLCS

2009 October 16

8-6 Phillies. Bottom of the 8th inning. Two outs. Men on 1st and 3rd. Charlie Manuel leaves in Ryan Madson to face Manny Ramirez, even though he had already let up a run in the inning, and had just given up a single — probably because he knows his closer Brad Lidge wouldn’t fair any better.

The following is what occurred:

Madson didn’t throw a strike the entire at-bat, yet Manny was swinging at almost everything, and eventually grounded out weakly to 3rd base. That first pitch was definitely a result of Manny wanting to jump on a good first pitch, and the ball just ran inside on him, tying him up completely. Manny once again feel victim to being overanxious with pitches 3 and 4, letting the high and inside pitch dilate his pupils. And by the final pitch in the at-bat, Madson knew to stay inside and high — there was no way Manny was going to do any damage with that pitch.

Once Manny made that 3rd out, the game was pretty much over. Not even Brad Lidge was able to blow it. By the way, anyone who says LIDGE IS BACK needs to shut the hell up. He will blow a save this series, 100%.

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