I’ve Watched A Lot Of Television

2009 October 14

A NeoGAF thread made me think of all the television shows/mini-series I’ve watched in their entirety. I’m talking EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. The following is a list of these shows, with an attempt to rank them by my overall enjoyment — this is how I cop out of any objective judgment of quality.

Band of Brothers
Arrested Development
The Shield
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
Chappelle’s Show
Peep Show
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Venture Bros.
Freaks and Geeks
Battlestar Galactica
30 Rock
The Office (UK)
Planet Earth
Eastbound & Down
From the Earth to the Moon

Let the bashing begin.

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  • ChaBoi

    Peep Show, now I know you can’t be talking about that game you play with that dog Emma. I know you gone and videotaped it, but that show, that show just for you now.