The Shield Proves Why It Is The Best Show on Television

2008 October 22

Season 7. Episode 8. (Even if the above shot is not from it.)

By this time, most shows are canceled or a shell of their former self. Law and Order doesn’t count. I don’t even know if that qualifies as a TV show anymore. It’s more omnipresent than God.

But after 83 episodes — with only five left — The Shield is still managing to hit higher notes than ever. I have no clue how they’re going to keep this up for the remaining episodes. The shit is out of the bag. I feel like this post is somewhat pointless, as I don’t want to really talk specifics because I think every person should be able to watch the show from the beginning with no spoilers, but I just need it to be known that The Shield kicks fucking ass. One line in my latest REAL TALK post isn’t enough. While insufferable nerdlings watch shit like Heroes and Fringe, awesome people watch The Shield.

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