I Swear I’ll Watch the Jets-Patriots Game This Weekend

2009 September 17
by CajoleJuice

The NFL season started a week ago and I haven’t even made a post about it. Instead, I’m making posts about tennis. Not to mention that before that I made a post about London and followed it up with a series of Muse posts (a British band). How un-American am I?

I don’t even remember how much football I actually watched. I definitely had the Jets-Texans game on for a bit, but for the most part, I’ll admit that I missed Mark Sanchez lighting up the Houston defense. Then on Monday I had the Patriots-Bills game on, and with 5 minutes left and a two-possession lead, I thought that maybe the Bills actually would win the game. The next time I looked up from the book I was reading, the Patriots were winning by one fucking point with 30 seconds left. The Jets could have had the best Week 1 possible, what with a win and impressive Sanchez performance, and a Patriots loss on top of that — but no, the Bills had to choke that shit away by fumbling a kickoff return instead of downing it in the end zone. I guess they thought it was an early 90s Super Bowl or something.

The only other notable thing I actually saw live was the ending to that Broncos-Bengals game. That would only happen to the Bengals.

So yeah, this post fucking sucks. I’m shocked you actually read this far.

Perhaps I should address the title of this post. I will definitely watch Mark Sanchez Futureâ„¢ battle the Anti-Christ Tom Brady this Sunday, considering it’s always a huge game. Maybe I’ll actually have insight to share after keenly watching the game. And by keenly watching, I mean having the game on the background while I do some other bullshit. Or sleep.

No wonder I suck at fantasy football.

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