Your Short Instrumental Album Opener of the Week

2009 September 17

Placebo – Bulletproof Cupid

I just alluded to too much British blog material in my last post, and now I’m posting another thing from the UK. I don’t listen to myself. I was considering a few other songs from the same album, Sleeping with Ghosts, but none of them would have allowed me to have such fun with the title of the blog post. I’m surprised I never bothered to listen to Placebo before, because they seem like a natural progression from quite a few bands I already listen to — namely Muse (even though I don’t like their new album). I probably meant to check them out for a while, especially since now I recall throwing their songs up occasionally when I listened to “Muse radio.” I just needed a nudge while I was in (where else?) London. Anyhow, they don’t usually rock out like the instrumental in this post, but I enjoy Sleeping With Ghosts quite a bit.

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