Mad Men Had Blackface

2009 September 4
by CajoleJuice

You waited two and half weeks for another Mad Men update, muahaha. I’m about four days late posting this, and I’ve already read numerous blog posts — mostly on Slate, due to the Google Reader sharing of a certain someone — about the episode, and I don’t have much to contribute to the conversation when it comes to blackface anyway. What can a person born in 1986, totally void of any experience with the practice, say about blackface? Wait, I take that back — I have seen some Japanese videogame/anime covers or screenshots that were a tinsy bit over-the-top. But an actual white person painted up like Roger Sterling up here? No sir. I’ve only heard about Amos n’ Andy from my grandfather, who seemed to be a big fan.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to think about Mad Men anymore, and I blame the “previously on Mad Men” setup prior to the airing of each episode. It really makes me feel — or reminds me? — that I’m watching a period soap opera with insanely high production values. I’ve definitely been reading too many of those Slate musings. I’m not even sure how they’re able to pump out so much material out of each episode. It’s as if the writers on the site are having a conversation, only each time they speak they spew out a bunch of paragraphs. I wish I could do that, as it seemingly takes me forever to put together more than two paragraphs for a blog post. Either I decide I have nothing interesting to say, or I can’t figure out how to say it. I think writing on as little sleep as possible helps such a problem, since at some point you don’t give a shit due to your alertness being on par to being a few beers under. This is why I’m rambling right now. Typing up a blog post at 4:00 AM is the way to go, apparently.

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