Mark Buehrle 2 – Mets 0

2009 July 23

Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game today, only the 18th in baseball history. It also happened to be the second no-hitter of his career. Buehrle managed to do this without once hitting 90 on the radar gun. That’s out-Madduxing Greg Maddux. Most impressive. He did get some help from Dewayne Wise, though. The dude saved the shutout, no-hitter, and perfect game all at once. In the 9th inning. Fucking wow.

The catch is at the end of this YouTube vid, courtesy of With Leather:

Buehrle seems to be one of those “very good” guys that has never quite been on the top of the sport, but somehow he has amassed 133 wins by the age of 30. The fact that he can dominate with such mediocre stuff bodes well for his future, and makes him a candidate for 300 wins. But such company wouldn’t be as exclusive as the perfect game club, or even the multiple no-hitters club. And there’s only six guys in BOTH the perfect game club and multiple no-hitters club. The other five are in — or will be in, in Randy Johnson’s case — the Hall of Fame.

So, Johan Santana, you need to throw a no-hitter, for fuck’s sake. The Mets have played 7576 games without one — a team that has had Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, and David Cone. Things might have turned out differently if they held onto Ryan a little longer. The saddest thing is that I can see Oliver Perez throwing a no-hitter sometime over the course of his contract. The catch would be that he’d walk seven guys, there would be three errors, and the Mets would lose. That be would extremely fitting, don’t you think?

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