Someone Reads My Blog

2009 June 27
by CajoleJuice

Hey, remember when I made that REAL TALK post, and in it I mentioned how Frank Thomas seemed forgotten? And how his OPS+ was actually fucking insane in his first 8 years? And how I compared him to Pujols? Maybe do you remember, since it was yesterday. Well, would you look at this:

NBC Sports

Because of what has happened to power numbers and power hitters during the past decade or so Thomas is often talked about as just another great slugger from this era, but that misses the boat in a big way. Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball and surely everyone would agree that at 29 years old he’s on track to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but look at his numbers compared to Thomas’ stats at the same age:

               G       PA      AVG      OBP      SLG     OPS+
Pujols      1312     5696     .334     .426     .628     171
Thomas      1076     4789     .330     .452     .600     182

I really need to start getting paid for this shit. I fucking own.

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