Conan is Back, You Twitface

2009 June 4

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a year, you know that Conan O’Brien has taken the reins of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. Well, he started this Monday. I watched the first two nights, and while the first show definitely showcased Conan’s nerves — and surprisingly uneven sketches considering the preparation time — the second show definitely stepped it up. Tom Hanks being a much better guest than Will Farrell helped. Man, I am so sick of Will Farrell. As the A.V. Club review mentioned, in that opening show they featured a clip from Land of the Lost where Farrell pours urine on himself…and no one laughed. I guess it’s not real urine, but still — that’s a new low. I mean, at least people laughed in my theater when John Turturro got pissed on in Transformers.

The second night had an awesome sketch where Conan got dressed up like a native Los Angeles-(ian)? It also had Tom Hanks getting hit in the head with a meteor. Even the bit making fun of Twitter was pretty OK. Not to mention how much more comfortable Conan seemed.

And then tonight they even stepped it up again with In The Year 3000, especially with regards to bashing social networking. Of course, some jokes were better than others, but the final one was perfect — so perfect I’m shocked no one has thought of it before:

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge, and will be called YouTwitFace

God, I love Conan.

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  • Indie

    I heard the youtwitface joke over a year ago, so it had been thought of before. Makes sense though, Conan usually waits over a year to recycle an already used joke. Probably as an attempt to lessen those who will notice.