Jim Cramer Just Got Buttfucked On National T.V.

2009 March 12

I thought Comedy Central was supposed to be funny, not horribly uncomfortable and depressing?

Watching tonight, I almost felt bad for Cramer, as he — being the one CNBC talking-head with the balls to come on the show — was the one subjected to the full brunt of Jon Stewart’s vitriol. The attacks made within the confines of The Daily Show‘s usual format over the course of this week were entertaining to watch due to actually being hilarious, but this face-to-face interview was straight-up brutal. Cramer was in the unenviable position of having to defend his entire network — an impossible task considering what a bunch of fuckheads basically all political and economic commentators on television are, not just CNBC. This of course includes Kramer, and Stewart made sure he knew it, by nailing him to the wall over and over. Cramer had absolutely nothing to respond with. It was the most complete dismantling of a public personality I’ve seen since…the last time Jon Stewart publicly called someone out face-to-face. That time the show ended up being canceled not too long after. Crossfire, anyone?

I’m not the biggest Jon Stewart fan, but I feel like it’s times like these when he’s at his best. His audience of sheep can be a bit annoying at times, but the man really does know how to take “news” networks down a notch. I’m pretty sure at this point we can all agree that all news networks have about as much journalistic integrity as I do, and Stewart seems to be one of the few people that actually points it out on a regular basis. Granted, Fox News and MSNBC (and all the other LIBURAL networks) consistently get into spats over news reporting, but those only serve to magnify how biased both sides can be. Christ, I hate politics so much. I can’t believe I managed to type this much about this trainwreck. Maybe because this is technically financial reporting more than politics. Or maybe I’m just waiting until the video of the episode shows up somewhere.

Even though the video is up now, I’m still leaving up Jim Cramer’s appearance on Arrested Development:


Edit: The entire unedited interview after the jump, in 3 parts.

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