In Case You Missed It…

2008 February 6

…like I did…a late-night feud was finally settled last night. (Honestly, after watching all the videos in succession, all you need to watch is the final one. But I already posted all the others, so whatever.)

A feud had been going on for a while between Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart. A little fun while the writers are striking. Here’s the backstory:

Conan vs. Colbert

Conan vs. Stewart

Last night, the Stewart-Colbert-Conan feud officially went EPIC. Sure it’s a bit corny, but that’s what late night television is. Still awesome.

Part 1 – The Daily Show

Part 2 – The Colbert Report

Finale – Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Yeah, the first two are taking way too long to load right now. I’m sorry that you need to deal with Comedy Central Motherload crap. Ugh. I’m going to post the links anyway. I wish there were a compilation video on YouTube. At least NBC is cool with this type of stuff.

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