“Shoot ‘Em Up” Trailer: Starring Clive Owen

2007 February 2
by CajoleJuice

If you want to see a small sampling of what looks to be one of the most ridiculously over-the-top movies ever, click on this video.

Not only does this movie star the man who should have been James Bond (Clive Owen), but it also has the gorgeous Monica Bellucci. And then Paul Giamatti is in there too – a pretty damn good actor (even if he starred in the shitfest that is “Lady in the Water”). Like Children of Men, Clive Owen is once again protecting a baby, but this time he’s holding a newborn while he mows down dozens of guys Matrix-style. The movie looks to live up to its name.

I liked that little allusion at the end of the trailer to the fact that Clive Owen was meant to play James Bond. Unfortunately for him, he passed up on the highest-grossing Bond film ever. On the other hand, Children of Men is the better film. Oh well, this movie will have him killing enough guys to make up for a few Bond movies.

“Shoot ‘Em Up” is planned for release in the U.S. on September 7th.

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