In This Post*, You Win** a Free Baseball Cap

2009 February 12

* “This post” not actually being this post, but the post linked below.
** “Win” refers to the ability to enter a contest.

I’ve been writing up too many reports with footnotes…

Anyhow, this post is to call attention to a contest — but more importantly — another blog. 3:10 to Joba has resided over on the right at the top of my blogroll for a bit of time now. The man in charge, either “J” or “310toJoba” depending on where he is on the internets, knows what he’s doing over there. He really has his shit together, unlike myself. Maybe because he’s a few years my junior and hasn’t let life suck all passion for everything out of his soul.

Why post about his blog now? Because he’s offering up a free hat for his 10 loyal readers. Don’t expect me to pull anything like this. I need to fund my insatiable need for fresh Cambodian breast milk. Just click here, and follow the directions, and you may just find yourself the new owner of one of the overpriced 59Fifty caps. And I swear to fucking God, you better take the sticker off, or I will rip it off myself and make you choke on it.

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