Your Song of the Week – 2/5/09

2009 February 5

Soundgarden with Brian May – New Damage

I’ve been addicted to the original Badmotorfinger version of this song for a few weeks now. Of course, I always loved it for Cornell’s inhuman screaming — which I think is much more abrasive, and therefore superior, on Badmotorfinger — but recently I’ve found myself more often than usual frustrated in my car, so the song has fulfilled the need to blast music loud enough so I cannot hear myself think.

I found this version while searching for the song on YouTube, and even if I found the original, I might have posted this anyway. Brian May is awesome, and this version is probably even harder than the original. Who am I kidding, I love Cornell’s singing on Badmotorfinger too much. Why can’t Soundgarden get back together like RATM?

Note: I guess YouTube just started showing the titles on embedded videos, huh? Pretty cool.

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