Glassbooth: My Family’s Results

2008 October 27
by CajoleJuice

With a small family gathering occurring yesterday, and with politics being a hot topic, I figured I’d show off the power of the internet. I basically had to administer the quiz for my grandparents, but the rest of the family managed. I could have predicted the majority of these results, but it was interesting anyhow.

Grandpa: 71% McCain

No surprise here. My grandpa might have ran across McCain in Korea somewhere. They are basically the same guy. But I’m pretty sure my grandpa is more intelligent.

Grandma: 73% Barr

I didn’t see this coming, but I didn’t know Barr was a pro-life Libertarian. Maybe because I didn’t know those could exist. Next thing, I’ll find out that a Philly sports fan can be a good human being.

Aunt: 80% Nader

Apparently, my late uncle liked Nader. I guess my aunt couldn’t help being convinced of the logic of Nader.

Dad: 71% McCain

“Like father, like son” holds true here. But not in my case, I guess.

Mom: 65% Obama

She also got 64% McCain. I don’t know how the hell she swung that. Maybe she hates gays and loves immigrants?

So looking at those results, I don’t think you can get much more varied than my close family.

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  • malek

    1 Ralph Nader 73% similarity
    2 Barack Obama 65% similarity
    3 Cynthia McKinney 64% similarity

  • CajoleJuice

    You crazy Canuck.