I Can’t Believe This Shit

2008 September 24

I didn’t know it was possible for a third base coach to choke. I can’t believe I saw David Wright swing at two balls after going 3-0 to strikeout in the most important at-bat of the entire season. I didn’t think it was possible for the Mets to repeat their 2007 performance. I didn’t expect that some kid named Daniel Murphy would be the only player that isn’t a fucking loser on this team. Even though Carlos Delgado has had an amazing second half, he’s a douchebag who tanked the first half of the season to get Willie Randolph fired. So he’s a loser too. Fuck him.

Why did I become a Mets fan? What the fuck is wrong with me? There is no other explanation other than I am a raging masochist. Who the fuck wants to watch a team continually blow games in the last 3 innings? I NEED AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF GODDAMNED TUMS!!

The Mets had a chance to pull even with the Phillies in the loss column, instead they’re tied with the Brewers for the wild-card with 4 games to go. Excuse me while I go clean up the puke on my floor.


…At least Santana is still lined up for the last game of the season.

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