Too Bad Baseball Games Aren’t 6 Innings Long

2008 September 22
by CajoleJuice

The Mets would be the best team in MLB if that were the case. I was going to look up the numbers, but I wouldn’t know where to look for something like that, and I want to write this as quickly as possible, before I get too crazy. I hate myself for thinking that having Billy Wagner would help this team right now. I just can’t believe that is true.

Today was a Mets game like two dozen others this year. The Mets had a 4-2 lead on the Braves going into the 7th, and Mike Pelfrey had run out of gas, walking the first batter. Then the bullpen wasn’t able to keep that runner from scoring. Not a surprise. But not a disaster either — that came in the next inning, when the Braves scored 4 runs, giving them a 7-4 lead. At one point, Keith Hernandez mumbled something incoherent under his breath. I wish I could’ve heard what it was. No doubt it had the word “suck” in it. I know I’ve said the Mets bullpen sucks enough this season. After last year’s debacle, maybe Omar Minaya should’ve worked a bit more on the bullpen. He got Johan Santana, but not the guys to finish games for him — as evidence by the SEVEN games that have been blown for Santana.

The bullpen needs to be cleansed. Ship Aaron Heilman the FUCK out of here. Scott Blowenweiss needs to go. Duaner Sanchez is done. Billy Wagner may never pitch again. Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano are only good for lefty righty matchup bullshit, and even then they’re not that good. I guess the only guy I can say to keep is Stokes. I’m still on the fence with regards to signing K-Fraud, as I have to see what other bullpen help is out there to pick up. If the plan next year is to move Maine to the bullpen, then I definitely say no. Hopefully Kunz will pan out, even though he got his shit ruined this year. 

The other problem is that the Mets offense seems to score right off the bat and then takes the second half of the game off. And that’s why I had no hope of them coming back in the 9th. But then Carlos Delgado hit yet ANOTHER towering home run to cut the lead to one. Unfortunately, Carlos Beltran and Damion Easley followed that up with two strikeouts to end the game, eliciting Tomahawk Chops from the racist and borderline-retarded Atlanta crowd.

The Mets are now 1.5 games behind the Phillies in the NL East and 1.5 up on the Brewers in the wild-card. I hope I don’t leave Shea Stadium on Saturday with the Mets eliminated from the playoffs.

Edit: Looks like Jayson Stark did this post — complete with stats.

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