2008 July 30
by CajoleJuice

That is how much this blog is worth according to this site. It also apparently makes $4.18 ad revenue each day. Quite the accomplishment without any ads. Or maybe that’s just an estimate of how much I *could* make. If so, I really need to get back to hosting the blog myself. It’s just a shame that the first hosting service I tried was TOTALLY FUCKING WORTHLESS and soured me on the whole thing. Small companies FTL. I welcome our Google overlords — especially if they agree to host my blog.

Also makes me think about a possible name change. I already bought a domain for this title, but I’m thinking “Backspace My Life” would be better. Yea, definitely is. I hope no one steals it. I didn’t even come up with it. So I guess I would be stealing it. But we’ve talked it over.

This title is just too unwieldly. I wish I just went with cajolejuice.wordpress.com for the URL. Oh well. I have to wait until I finally move to my own hosting to change the title, I feel. Otherwise the hundreds of bots that visit my site will be confused.

Edit: HOLY SHIT! The tags and categories of each post are showing up. Now I have to go back to making witty tags!

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