Dropbox: File Syncer, Sender, and Sharer of the Future?

2008 March 15


The creation of some MIT students, Dropbox looks to be one the next huge internet apps. Watch the video and be impressed. If I had a bunch of computers, both PC and Mac, this would be even more invaluable. As it is, I’ll be able to use it to host files and sync files between home and school (and work in the future) for free! There is a program called Foldershare that already does such a task, but both computers need to be on, it’s Windows only, and it doesn’t have a nice Web 2.0 interface. The bad part about Dropbox is that they are planning on eventually charging for it. They’ll hook you, and then make you pay for it. Similar to when I started destroying my Photobucket bandwidth and had to get Pro. Damn GAF.

How awesome it will be in the future truly depends on the price. If it’s cheap compared to hosting, it’ll be very popular purely for music sharing purposes. I can’t wait to get my email invite, as I’ll immediately take advantage and post songs on my blog. I DID buy my own domain and hosting service, but I canceled the hosting service. I am so damn lazy, and Dropbox would be so much easier for posting things such as that on my blog to allow for downloads.

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