So The Dark Knight Broke Pretty Much Every Weekend Box Office Record Ever

2008 July 22
by CajoleJuice

Everyone knows already, but I felt my blog needed the post about it. I have had a Joker pic in my header for months now, after all. Might have to change it to this now.

Let’s go over the records so far (taken from

1. Widest Opening: 4,366 theaters.

2. Biggest Midnight Gross: $18,489,000

3. Biggest IMAX Midnight Gross: $640,000

4. Biggest Single-Day Gross: $67,165,092

5. Biggest Opening Weekend Gross: $158,411,483

6. Biggest IMAX Opening Weekend Gross: $6,214,061

7. Biggest Sunday Gross: $43,596,151

8. Biggest 4-Day Gross: $182,904,796

9. Biggest 5-Day Gross (with the 5th day not even counted yet): $182,904,796 (plus whatever it made on Tuesday)

It’s safe to say that it has the 6-Day and 7-Day records wrapped up as well. The Dark Knight > all. Especially Spider-Man 3. (As almost always, thank you GAF.)

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