Daft Punk Alive 2007 Fan Videos

2008 June 11

So we all know who Daft Punk is, right? They’re the electronic band everyone seems to love in some capacity. Their most recent release is a live album called Alive 2007. It’s pretty freaking awesome, and I honestly don’t even like any of their studio stuff.

Now, the Alive 2007 tour has been regarded as one of the best ever by many, a spectacle with no equal. So it’s fairly puzzling as to why Daft Punk never released a DVD of it. To fill this gaping void, one fan started to compile fan videos to create a fan DVD of Alive 2007. He uploaded a song at a time, and he said when he was done, he would create a DVD of it and release it to the public.

…but then he decided not to, disappointing fans across the world. Fortunately, one NeoGAF poster took it upon himself to take all the separate videos and put them in a .RAR file and throw it up on Mininova.

Here’s the torrent.

Please seed it as well after you’re done downloading (which probably won’t be for a while). Don’t be a worthless leech. I only wish my upload speed was better.

And if anyone uses Digg, please digg this. The more people, the better.

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  • http://teamslinger.wordpress.com Slinger

    Sweet! I have seen some fan videos on youtube, so I will have to go download this tonight.

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    My music sucks!

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    at least its better than mine

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    But you’re both better than me

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    Personally I love all music, especially that star song by Paris Hilton. She makes me feel like a real woman.

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    Yes, Joel please do update

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    ‘Don’t hate that is my bf and he is sensitive’ Joel loves Mulde’s penis

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    I wonder why Joel refers to himself in the third person.