There Goes That Tiger Grand Slam Talk

2008 April 14

Another Masters, another 2nd place finish for Tiger Woods. That’s a shame. At least now we won’t have to hear weeks of Grand Slam talk leading up to the U.S. Open. I still think he’ll win at least 2 majors this year. He’s been too dominant so far this year, and just happened to have a pretty horrible tournament. It’s nice to finish in second even when you’re playing terribly by your own standards.

As for that other guy who dominates his sport brutally, Roger Federer hasn’t looked like himself. He didn’t win the first major of the year in his sport either. Novak Djokovic has developed into a major threat to stop Federer ever breaking Sampras’s Grand Slam record (yes!). Not to mention he lost to Andy Roddick for the first time in 12 matches. It’s evidently gotten to him, as he has hired a new coach. I can understand, as that’d be like if I ever lost to someone in Virtua Tennis. Would’ve been devastating.

Maybe I was a bit preemptive in continually saying that Federer was more dominant than Tiger. Yet, at the same time, the period of dominance a player can have in tennis is much shorter than the one a golfer can achieve. Federer is already past his prime, and Tiger is still in the middle of it. The latter just has to play against every single other player each weekend, and this weekend some random English guy was better.

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    your record in Virtua Tennis 213123423542345355634656456242234234 – 0. Except this one time that Greg came epically came close.