I Am So Damn Connected. Also: Pownce Rocks

2008 February 10

(I should get paid for this type of pimpage.)

Fuck MySpace. I’m back on Facebook for the fifth time. I fill my Twitter profile with inane quips, observations, and rants. I post awesome stuff in my Pownce profile. My Muse obsession is well-documented on my Last.fm profile. I’ve had a Digg profile for a while, and I’m starting to utilize that again. I’ve uploaded three badass concerts on Stage6 (but one has since been taken down — actually, the whole site has been taken down for a while due to some hackers). I even got an invite to Hulu, a totally legal TV show streaming site that is still in beta form. Once I FINALLY setup my own webspace, I’ll be sure to embed some of my favorite shows and clips.

I’m also on two forums, and would be on three if a certain online buddy weren’t a fellow poor college student. Instead of buying me the Something Awful subscription he promised, he spends money on food — what a friend he is. And of course, there’s this little piece of internet, along with the one I carved out a few years ago. Google CajoleJuice. Go ahead. Do it. My blog being the first Google result parallels a similar fact that almost led to possible disaster a few years ago. This time around, I’m a little more amused and content. While you’re at it, Google Anti-Christ Tom Brady. The power of Digg. Although, it didn’t seem to work for the follow-up post this year. All I have left is to buy a webcam so I create a channel on Yahoo! Live and stream myself over the web. Oh wait, I’m not an attention-whoring teenage girl.

I don’t even quite know what I hoped to achieve with this post, but I hate wasting possible posts that I already wrote up. I truly believe everyone should sign up on Pownce as soon as possible, solely due to the file sharing capabilities. You can’t see it, but I uploaded a bunch of music. At the time, I didn’t realize just how worthless an effort that was. I knew you needed to be friends on Pownce to be able to see each other’s files, but I didn’t know you needed to be friends BEFORE the file was uploaded. So yeah, that was a waste. And now that my goddamn Photobucket account has exceeded its bandwidth and the site TrialPay is currently fisting my asshole while I wait for them to upgrade me to Pro, pretty much the only thing on my public profile is this:

Don’t let that give you a bad impression of Pownce. It’s like Twitter on steroids, even though there’s a good chance no one reading this knows what Twitter is. Let’s just say that Pownce is much more useful, and less annoying, than Facebook. It rocks. It’s almost like a mini-blogger. So sign up and friend me, so we can start posting music for each other. Or humorous links for each other. All that crap.

I must embarrassing admit that I found a couple of these sites through the e-stalking of Veronica Belmont. I saw how many sites she was on, and consequently had to join them and friend her. But the awesome side-effect was finding a great site like Pownce. Twitter is fairly dumb fun as well. As for Hulu, I knew about it for a while, but you need an invite to register. The person that first informed me of it sent me an invite last night. If you want an invite, just let me know. I only have 10, so first-come, first-served (as if 10 people will even read this). I’ll be pimping it in the weeks to come, as it inevitably creeps closer to public launch. Hmm, I wonder if Veronica needs an invite…

I doubt it.

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  • Shane Bennett

    I’ll take an invite

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    I don’t know who you are, but you get one for reading and commenting on my blog. I’m not sure if I’ll send any more out to random people though. Congratulations for being the first person I don’t know in real-life to ask for one.