Ridiculousness and Insanity

2008 January 17

Yes, that’s a GIF from Rambo. It’s going to be incredible. It looks so damn fake, but at the same time it’s so amazing. This is going to be the greatest film since Commando. I kinda wish Stallone kept with the John Rambo title. Would’ve fit well with Rocky Balboa (which was a surprisingly decent movie, if you disregard the ludicrous premise). I already knew Rambo was going to be amazing, going by the stuff I’m posted before, but these GIFs bring the anticipation to another level. Yes, I said GIFs. Here’s the other:

And the clip these GIFs were made from:

“HOLY SHIT” is the only thing that can describe it.

In other news, Tom Cruise is still insane. If you live on the internet, you almost certainly already know about the Scientology Awards video making its rounds. Tom apparently just wants to help. By doing “it.” You cannot be told what this video is, you must see it for yourself. The Mission Impossible music and hilarious announcer only sweeten the deal.

[deleted youtube video]

I think Gawker is fighting the Church of Scientology on this issue, so this link should still be active. Fight the good fight, Gawker. I guess they’d be classified as an SP. Check the Scientology Glossary to find out what that is. It should help you understand what he’s talking about half the time in the video as well.

Hey Tom, I’m an SP, too. (As denoted on my new Facebook profile)

As for my own descent into madness, I’ve decided to e-stalk Veronica Belmont. Thank you, GAF.

Yes Veronica, I’m officially e-stalking you.

Reasons for this are numerous:

1. She’s cute as hell and seems to be a genuine geek. Maybe a bit too geeky. I mean, she plays WoW, and that game blows. (Speaking of which, Scientology is like real-life WoW what with the leveling up and everything. That, and the pointlessness.)

2. I live in New York. She lives in San Francisco. Kinda hard to stalk someone from 2,000 miles away.

3. I’m lazy. E-stalking is a lot easier than real stalking anyway. I have respect for stalkers. They have to be pretty tenacious and obsessed to keep that up. I rather sit on my ass and click my mouse. I can even do that while at work.

4. She has like a million ways to keep track of her online. She’s on sites I’ve never heard of before. (Pownce, what the hell is that?) And now I must join them all.

5. You can’t get arrested for e-stalking. At least I hope not. What’s going to happen? She files a restraining order to stay at least 200 ms away from her?

So yep, maybe I’ve gone off the deep end. But at least I’m not a Scientologist. I have already started losing interest in this escapade, and I haven’t lost any money in the process. In order to find out how Xenu planted thetans in all of us, I would’ve had to spend thousands of dollars. What a joke.

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  • http://www.veronicabelmont.com veronica

    Now wait a minute!

    (Hah, get it? Because that’s what I’m saying in my animated gif!)

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Boy, that was quick. You really DO know your way around the internet. I don’t even know how to proceed with the e-stalking now. If this IS really you…

    Hmm, how to test this…

  • http://www.veronicabelmont.com veronica

    Hmm… well, I’m not sure how to prove it to you. Why don’t you email me from the address listed on my website on the About page? :P

  • malek4980

    Take a photo of yourself naked while holding up a sign that says, “Cajole Juice isn’t even somewhat manly.” Proof enough for me.

  • malek4980

    Fully clothed would accomplish that as well. But that’s all it would accomplish.

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Yeah, either of those would be awesome haha

    But I did already try to test you in some way…you might notice soon enough. ;)

    Maybe I’ll send an email anyhow.