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2008 January 31

After being exposed to my music taste, most of the editors at Pitchfork wouldn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or hurl. On the other hand, I don’t write elitist bullshit like this:

And “The Funeral” is a song that people connect to, as reader emails continue to attest. So long as it doesn’t end up soundtracking some crummy indie movie, it’ll be ours forever.

That’s from their “Top 100 Tracks of 2006.” I meant to write a short post about this the second I heard the song in SKATE, but I (as usual) procrastinated. So let me say it now: OWNED. It wasn’t even an indie film, it was a fucking VIDEO GAME. And now it’s in a Ford Focus commercial too! Band of Horses sold out big time. I wonder if Pitchfork even likes them anymore.

So anyhow, here are my favorite tracks of the 2007:

Hyperpower! – Nine Inch Nails
I thought about adding the second track of Year Zero after this, but I figured Daft Punk could follow it up good enough.

Around the World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk
I usually hate electronic music. So for me to love this song means it is pure, unadulterated awesome.

United States – Smashing Pumpkins
Unfortunately, this is a live version. And Corgan really can’t sing live…or in the studio for that matter. Maybe I should’ve picked another song off the album. I really love the studio version, though.

Do Me A Favour – Arctic Monkeys
I really love a lot of songs on Favourite Worst Nightmare, and was tempted to pick another song, but I’ve listened to this one by far the most.

Fake Empire – The National
Good, simple song. I like the guy’s deep voice and the mini-crescendo near the end. Yeah.

Reckoner – Radiohead
Amazing. Thom Yorke’s voice is beautiful.

Underdogs – Manic Street Preachers
A band that never really got that popular over here in the U.S, but has some clout in the indie community. Never heard them until this year. Much different from their older stuff, but I really enjoy this song.

Misfit Love – Queens of the Stone Age
I’ve listened to Sick, Sick, Sick more, but I figured I’d choose a non-single.

The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Especially since I picked this over-played single. I’m not a huge Foo Fighters fan, but you know, their singles are always damn solid.

Pioneer to the Falls – Interpol
Great song. I’m not good at describing why I like songs.

Is There a Ghost – Band of Horses
Never used to be a fan of high-pitched singers, but I guess I’ve grown accustomed to a few. I still rather have a better singer, but this song manages to be good with what – 14 words?

Antichrist Television Blues – Arcade Fire
“No Cars Go” is my favorite song on Neon Bible, but it’s a recreation of the song from their debut EP. I love this song because Win Butler (the singer) is doing his best Bruce Springsteen impression. Such a great, great song with damn good lyrics. The Boss is a fan, so you should be too.

I was thinking about putting a Chevelle song on here, but they blatantly ripped off a Tool riff in one of their songs. I spliced together a clip of the offense. Maybe I’ll post it up on Pownce…unfortunately, I have basically no friends on it. :-(

Actually, I started to post all these songs up on Pownce. I stopped once I realized you need to be friends with the person who’s posting the mp3s.

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  • justin

    For some bizarre reason, the Dream Theater song you picked along with its explanation isnt showing up for me.

    Its ok since I already know what you wrote. Ill reiterate it for the public.

    “In the presence of Enemies – Dream Theater
    In the style of floyd, this 30 minute epic is a 2 parter which bookends the bands latest masterpiece “systematic chaos.” The song encompasses all the glory one has come to known DT by. The musical genius, the brilliant musicianship, the motif melodies, and rising crescendo’s, alive with the newly tamed and mastered voice of singer James Labrie. These days it tends to be a trend when buying a new DT cd to expect a 20min + epic. As is the case with all of the rest, DT need only to release this brilliant song alone, and at full price, and its fan base would not teeter. The power of the song is un-matched and unyielding. ”

    Very well said Joel, shame the blog glitched like that.

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Yeah, I hate when shit like that happens.