Your Radiohead B-Side of the Week

2009 March 6

Radiohead – The Trickster

Pretty sure this isn’t actually a B-side, but it’s only on an EP, so I’m calling it a B-side. I wanted a unique title for this post, alright?

Apparently, a few websites refer to this song as a “fan favorite”, yet I only came across it in recent years. Granted, I had never listened to My Iron Lung EP up until that point, but I hadn’t really seen this song mentioned on the internet by any Radiohead fans. Maybe because most Radiohead fans on the internet love Kid A and Amnesiac and ignore the early work of the band. I still don’t understand the love for those two albums, even if I am convinced there HAS to be something there, since one of my late good friends — whose opinion I greatly respected — absolutely adored them. Either way, I doubt I’ll ever stop enjoying the early, more straight-forward Radiohead, like this song.

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  • kuliwil

    The trickster WAS a B-Side. Tee only unique stuff on that EP were the last two tracks I think! Kid A is awesome, as is all their stuff.

  • kuliwil

    Sorry, The, not tee.

  • CajoleJuice

    Ok, did not know that. Thanks for that tidbit. And I do love a few songs on Kid A, but when it comes to Amnesiac I really don’t like anything.

  • kuliwil

    I rather like some parts of Amnesiac. There are some bits where it just lacks much dynamics. Then again, that could be excused by the name of the album – is it meant to be comfortable listening? :P

    • CajoleJuice

      A good point. I have to give it (and Kid A, really) some more good listens some day. Although, I forgot that I love “Knives Out” on Amnesiac.