MLB Playoffs Lightning Post #2

2007 October 7

- Roger Clemens should never step foot on a Major League mound ever again. Even if the Yankees somehow come back and win this series, he shouldn’t even be on the ALCS roster. I don’t care how much the Yankees wasted on him.

- A-Rod is hitting for a higher average than Derek Jeter so far this postseason. The over/under for newspaper articles talking about that is 0.

- The Mets can take solace in one fact after their massive collapse at the hands of the Phillies. They won as the same amount of postseason games.

- George Steinbrenner needs to be fired. From life.

- Turns out Lou Pinella did save Carlos Zambrano until next season.

- Bob Sheppard wasn’t at Yankee Stadium tonight. That has to be the first time he missed a Yankee playoff game in 50 games. He won’t be the PA announcer tomorrow either. I think Tony Gwynn ate him.

- Whichever team faces the Red Sox in the ALCS has to deal with Ortiz and Manny both hitting very, very well. I think Manny’s last two home runs have traveled a combined quarter-mile.

- The Colorado Rockies. Are in. The NLCS. God is clearly on their side.

- The Cubs will be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their last World Series win next season.

- Three sweeps. And the Rockies and D-Backs in the NLCS. TBS must be PISSED.

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