MLB Playoffs Lightning Post #1

2007 October 5
by CajoleJuice

- I sure hope Jake Peavy has been watching the playoffs thus far. He could learn what it means to be an ace.

- Josh Beckett is downright awesome in the playoffs. His last postseason appearance was that now famous Game 6 in the 2003 World Series against the Yankees. That was a complete-game 5-hit shutout at Yankee Stadium. So he followed that up with a 4-hit shutout two days ago against the Angels. Insane. He throws 97-mph sinking fastballs. It’s not fair.

- The manner in which the Rockies are dismantling the Phillies makes the Mets historic collapse look all that much worse.

- Ted Lilly does not like losing.

- I knew Chien-Ming Wang was not an #1 starter.

- Joe Torre is a closet japafag. It’s the only thing that explains why Matsui is playing tonight in Game 2. And actually got moved up in the order after getting totally dominated yesterday.

- My NLDS predictions (that I made in the GAF MLB Playoffs thread) are looking worse than my regular-season predictions.

- I still say Kaz Matsui sucks, even though he almost hit for the cycle yesterday. He only hit that grand slam because he had run into a pitcher that sucked worse than him – Kyle Lohse.

- I don’t know why a pitcher would throw Alfonso Soriano anything but a curveball in the dirt.

– Lou Pinella took out Carlos Zambrano after only 85 pitches in a Game 1 that was tied in the 6th inning. His reasoning was that he wanted to save him for Game 4. He might have ended up saving him until next season.

- Good pitching beats good hitting. It follows that great pitching beats great hitting. Proven almost every year.

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