My Fellow Students Are Unhappy

2007 September 27
by CajoleJuice

I attend SUNY Stony Brook — apparently one of the top public universities in the nation (you could have fooled me). The Princeton Review put out their huge college report and out of the 300-some-odd colleges they bothered to cover, Stony Brook has the unhappiest students. Awesome.

It’s pretty funny, as only a week ago, a few buddies and I were standing around, observing the people around us, saying that on any given day, you can tell that 30% of the kids are miserable. They have the “what the hell am I doing here?” look on their faces. One of my firiends said he saw a kid just sitting against a wall with his head in his hands. Stony Brook had obviously broken him.

The high percentage of commuters no doubt has a large effect. Driving on Long Island is sometimes the very definition of Pain City. And I bet many of the students are just unhappy with their overall lives — living at home and knowing deep down that getting a bachelor’s degree froma public university means next to jack shit nowadays. I know how that feels.

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  • Frank

    So my public university sucks? Hah, I don’t care. College blows and it makes you miserable. Life should consist of video games and sports (of course it does already, but without all the extra shit).

  • CajoleJuice

    Amen, dude.

    And you’re getting an engineering degree. It counts for something. And there are public schools that matter – just very few. I just can’t imagine Stony Brook being one of them, but apparently it is.


  • sbustudent

    lmao wow what a low life.. Stony Brook is the best public school there is!.. seriously… quit while you’re ahead…

  • CajoleJuice


  • Anonymous

    sbu sucks balls… its the biggest waste of time in my life and i hated the school and facualty