Proof Halo 3 Hype is Ridiculous

2007 September 25
by CajoleJuice

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  • RichardAM

    It’s good, but nothing can compare to the completely irrelevant Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

  • justin

    last night on fox news, during Heraldo’s commentary on the Iranian Presidents speech (wont attempt the spelling) he seemlessly transitioned to Halo 3. In fact Halo 3 was the next talking point.


    btw, i asked at sevs that have many halo 3′s and were willing to hold one for me, too bad i dont have an xbox. Also, the game fuel is in an awesome looking bottle, which everyone on line at sevs had in their hands, except me.

    I went back and got it after my class. :\

  • CajoleJuice

    Game Fuel is awful, dude. And the game is pretty cool. I played with Cecchetto a bit tonight.