Halo 3 Standard Edition FTW

2007 September 22

If you buy the Limited Edition of Halo 3 — the $70 edition — there’s a good chance that your game disc will look something like this:

Because when you open it, you’ll just see this:

That’s what you heard sliding and moving around inside that tin case — your Halo 3 game disc. Why? Because of this crappy knob:

I’m glad I decided that I wasn’t going to spend any extra money on a game and just pre-ordered the Standard edition. I wouldn’t even have pre-ordered if it weren’t for that Best Buy $5 1600 XBL Points Card deal. I can see some people wanting to get the $70 Limited Edition, as it has a cool case and a few decent extras. It’s a real shame they might get totally screwed if they pre-ordered online. I recommend that anyone who pre-ordered in-store or just buying one walk-in to lightly shake the case to see if they hear the disc rolling around. It’s not hard to notice and it’s happened to me before with DVDs.

I almost wish this happened to the Legendary Edition instead, as those people deserve to be fucked over. $130 for a game and a tiny helmet. You have to be shitting me. Even at $100 it was a ridiculous price and then Microsoft must’ve realized they could milk the rabid fanboy man-child idiots for even more money. Humanity is embarrassing.

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  • Kenny

    I completely agree. Humanity is embarrassing, but we need to do something about it. Education is the key.

  • ham

    i have a question will halo standard edition have forge,valhalla,and that other map?