2007 September 18
by CajoleJuice

Valve doesn’t know how to release stuff on time. It’s fucking embarrassing.

“Here, you can preload so you don’t have to download anything more, just validate files and then play!”

Nope. Wrong. EPIC FAIL.

And Gabe Newell is fat.

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  • Draikon

    Valve are faggots

  • Christopher Haslag

    Fuck Valve they fucked me out of couter-strike because i opened my account on two different computers. I am fucking pissed. I sent them a picture of the case, discs, and paper the CD-key was on and now they say that i have stolen activity on my account. Do not trust Steam because they will rip you off any second they can. I will never support steam and will spend 3 hours a day for the next year letting them and the rest of society know what crooks they are!!!! Fuck Steam

  • Anonymous

    As a faggot, I resent that. Fuck Valve.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK STEAM + VALVE AND EA GAMES. For having the butt secks in bed with each other,

  • EA can DIE

    I hope EA doesn’t take over Valve (somehow…) all the games would end up like Spore did [imagine TF3; Run and gun version of Battlefield: Heroes (as if Heroes isn't run 'n gunnu enough...)]