First Rock Band Gameplay Video

2007 July 3
by CajoleJuice

It’s incredibly lame to watch this video, yet I can’t help wishing I was one of them.

The Guitar Hero franchise might be in trouble.  The same people (Harmonix) that created it will be going head-to-head with it this holiday season with this beast of a game. The $200 price tag for the total bundle (game + guitar + drums + microphone) is a bit steep, but I can see groups of friends buying different instrument bundles, especially since the Xbox 360 GH2 X-plorer guitar works with Rock Band.  Harmonix really might be creating the ultimate party game. I’m not really sure what bundle I’m getting, but I know I’m still buying Guitar Hero III for PS2. I need to actually buy a next-gen system first anyway before I worry about this game.

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