Planet Puzzle League = Pretty Awesome

2007 June 10
by CajoleJuice

This is yet another release of Panel de Pon, the classic Nintendo game. Most people probably know the game as TETRIS ATTACK, arguably the greatest 2-player puzzle game of all-time. I’m not even going to explain the mechanics of the game. If you like puzzle games and are over 20 years old, you’ve probably played some iteration of Panel de Pon. If you’re a bit younger and like puzzle games, buy this game. If you don’t like puzzle games, go fuck yourself.

The important thing here is that one can play online using the DS’s Wi-Fi capabilities. This is truly enough awesome for me, but there’s a few things Nintendo could’ve added very easily to pack the game with even more awesome. Unfortunately, there’s only one gameplay mode to choose from when playing with random people online. You can choose whether to be ranked or not (Birthday or Free Play mode), but both modes play exactly the same. When playing with a friend (which we all know Nintendo has made a chore with Friend Codes) you can decide whether you want items or not, and voice chat or not. There’s no handicap option, a la Tetris DS. I just prefer the overall implementation of online play on Tetris DS more, but maybe that’s because I’m much better at that game.

Part of the reason I’m not quite too good at Planet Puzzle League is due to my reluctance to get accustomed to the stylus control. It’s faster and easier, but the old Tetris Attack mode of button control is ingrained in my mind. And I was never a legendary Tetris Attack player, as the only time I got to play was over my friend Anth’s house – something I’ve been doing for 10 years now. So even though I get my ass kicked sometimes, I’m just happy to have other people to play against now.

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  • anth

    joel where are you lets play RIGHT NOW