The Face of The Joker

2007 May 20
by CajoleJuice

This is not going to be a pretty sight for the top of my blog…


If you ask me (and many other people), Christopher Nolan outdid every superhero movie with Batman Begins. He brought an aura of realism and grittiness to the comic book hero that was best suited to such treatment. Now he’s spitting in the face of people that loved Jack Nicholson’s smiling lunatic portrayal of The Joker by evidently turning Heath Ledger into a deformed, psychopathic freak in The Dark Knight. Maybe this is too little to go on to make such an assumption, but Nolan seems to know where he wants to go with this series and I love it.

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  • Frank

    I did like Nicholson ALOT but that image does look pretty sweet for a nice dark movie.

  • resim

    cool site