Sometimes It’s The Little Things

2007 April 11
by CajoleJuice

I had a pretty long day today, but there was one thing that made my day and induced me to grin from ear to ear. It’s an image I’ve seen numerous times on the internet, but today I was in a public bathroom and as I pushed the hand dryer button I noticed a sticker on it…(if I had a camera, I wouldn’t taken a picture)

It’s impossible to describe the feeling of pure child-like amusement that seeing it in real-life stirred in me, but rest assured, it was awesome. I think I may just start taping this image to hand dryers in public bathrooms just to spread a little joy. No one expects anything resembling a laugh when they enter a public bathroom, and that’s what makes it so damn great. Even if the stench is nausea-inducing, and there’s piss all over the floor for some god-forsaken reason, this image will still bring a smile to anyone’s face. Now go forth and spread joy throughout bathrooms across the country.

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  • Justin

    step 1: push button
    step 2: place hands under dryer
    step 3: wipe hands on pants

  • anth

    turn the page, wash your hands