This Is One Of The Creepiest Things I’ve Ever Read

2012 March 2

Recently, I’ve been going through “The Only Game in Town,” an sports essay collection from The New Yorker, and unsurprisingly, it’s usually great. I highly recommend it. But this disturbing pair of sentences thoroughly grossed me out:

The camera loves Tara [Lipinski] for some of the same reasons that the camera loved JonBenet Ramsey. That particular combination of woman and child is something you don’t see every day.

Maybe it creeps me out because it’s hard to argue against. Even though JonBenet Ramsey was six years old, that goddamn fucking awful child beauty pageant shit did its best to make her look like a fully-grown woman.

I feel like this is the type of minutia Tumblr is meant for. So, in an attempt to length this blog post a bit, let it be known that Haruki Murakami’s piece in the collection about his personal experience with running makes me never want to read any of his books. It’s probably the translation, but the prose and tone was equivalent to an 8th-grader’s autobiography.

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