I’m Not Watching 24 Tonight

2007 March 19
by CajoleJuice

Yes, that is news.

This marks the first time I am opting out of my own accord since I started watching religiously with the first episode of Season 2. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have to study for a test tomorrow. That would have never stopped me from watching 24 before. Hell, I just watched the Seinfeld “Clip Show” for about the dozenth time. Plus, I’m writing this. I obviously don’t care that much.

Maybe it’s because I gave up forums for Lent and I don’t talk about the show with anyone as a result. Maybe I’m just depressed out of my mind; they say you stop caring about things that you usually enjoy in that case, and I haven’t been playing video games either. Maybe it’s because 24 is just THAT bad now. Or maybe I’m depressed because 24 is so horrible. It’s like a switch just went off in my head and I finally realized just how far it’s fallen. Why couldn’t they have just stopped with Season 4? Even though it was the worse season up to that point, it still ended so perfectly. Goddamn it.

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