Steve Nash is God

2007 March 15
by CajoleJuice

I should have wrote this last night, but my erection from Nash’s performance has to be taken care of – I was pretty shot after that. Nash was just THAT FUCKING GOOD last night. I’ll even admit that I didn’t even get to turn on the game until after 11, but the way Nash took matters into his own hands in crunch-time was just mind-blowing and ridiculously entertaining. 10 points in the last minute of regulation to tie the game. His split-second recovery after losing control of the ball (yea, it happens even to God) to get into position to take a charge. Making an acrobatic steal by throwing the ball off of Jason Terry. I feel like I’m eating some crow since I just said basketball sucks, but goddamn even my dog couldn’t stop watching. Some people say Nash didn’t deserve the MVP the past two years, but he just made an unbelievable case for winning the MVP for the third time in a row.

And while Nash seemed to be pulling out all the stops to give the Mavs their first consecutive losses in almost 60 games, Dirk Nowitzki failed to end the game twice – once in regulation at the free throw line, and once in OT – and also to send it into triple OT. So while his line (30 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists) looked pretty damn good, he choked, plain and simple. He did most of his damage in the middle of the game. Meanwhile, the combination of Nash and Stoudemire was absolutely electrifying, at least while I was watching.

Experts still love the Spurs to win it all because they can actually play defense, but a Suns-Mavs Western Conference Finas match-up is exactly what the NBA needs. I never thought I’d be saying that about a couple of teams led by two white guys – and neither American. But if on the day the NCAA Tournament started, people were talking about the NBA, you know something remarkable has occurred.

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  • Malek

    Damn it you don’t win an MVP because of one game, Juice!

  • CajoleJuice

    I can’t help it if that’s the only game this year I could stand to watch for more than 5 minutes!

    On another NBA note, I want to punch James Dolan in the throat.

  • malek

    You like Thomas. Admit it.

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