No Surprise – HL2: Episode Two Delayed

2007 February 8
by CajoleJuice


Even the boxarts get delayed. But if somehow those are the final UK boxarts, I’ll laugh pretty hard. At least they get across the point of the full package well. Five games – one of the them (Half-life 2) already proving to be one of the best games in recent years – for $60. The other still being a damn good deal at $40.

Valve never gets anything done on time. Did anyone not expect this glorious package to be pushed back? I predicted a Holiday 2007 release when they said “Summer 2007,” as it was the only release date I ever expected. Valve even admits themselves that they suck at getting games done on time. They probably just sit around playing their own games half the time.

Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on them, because when they do release games, they’re pretty damn awesome. Even if it takes a damn long time for them to actually be released.

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