Nintendo Releases Zelda: A Link to the Past. Again.

2007 January 22
by CajoleJuice

This time, the classic game is on the Virtual Console for the Wii. Congratulations Nintendo fans, now you can give Nintendo money for the same game for the third time. We all know that’s what’s happening right now. The same people who played and loved the game on SNES bought it on GBA as well – and now they’re paying another $8 to have it on the Wii. There’s no little kids out there buying these games, unless maybe their parents are forcing them too. (Side note: I will make my kids play NES, and they will LIKE it.) It’s the same Nintendo fans who lined up for days for a Wii who are buying all these games on the Virtual Console. The Wii might as well be one of those $40 illegal compilation systems that are sold in malls across the country. Oh wait, Nintendo cracked down on that. I wonder why. Maybe because their new system has a pitiful amount of decent games and all the owners can do at this point is dump money into the Virtual Console. That’s just my theory.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Nintendo. At least they have released a bonafide classic on the VC, instead of more mediocre stuff that no one really wants. Maybe there are some people out there with a Wii that still haven’t played Zelda: ALTTP. I just find it extremely hard to believe. If someone wanted to play it, there were more than enough ways to accomplish that before this release.

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