“Heroes” Was Just Killed By The Nuclear Blast on 24

2007 January 15
by CajoleJuice

NBC is retarded.

I guess NBC feels that having one of its most popular shows go up against 24 is the only course of action. Unfortunately, it is effectively killing its biggest appeal to a young audience by putting Heroes in the same time slot that Fox airs 24 – Monday at 9 PM. Jack Bauer is a mythical figure across dorm rooms and high schools across the country. Even guys in their 30s love him. So to put a show like Heroes up against him is basically like sending a soldier on a suicide mission. But 24 just had the pre-emptive strike tonight. They just exploded a nuclear device in a populated area. Heroes has confused young adults running around not knowing what to do with their powers, with horrible dialogue, and painful acting at times. 24 has Jack Bauer eating neck sandwiches.

There is no contest. Good job, NBC. You just lost a show that you probably were betting a lot of money on.

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  • http://manifestdestiny.wordpress.com/ manifestdestiny

    your post is unclear , you need to specify that 24 is on FOX you make it sound like 24 is on NBC and they are playing at the same time.

  • http://h0pper.wordpress.com/ h0pper

    I thought it was common knowledge that 24 was on fox ;/

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Yea, I thought so too. Even as you complain about it, manifest, you know what I meant. But I just I’ll edit the post for the completely oblivious, even though they would have no reason to read this post.