Your “FOX Sucks” Song Of The Week

2010 October 28

MLB on FOX Theme

Unless you’re a Cablevision customer or not a baseball fan, you’ve noticed that FOX has replaced this theme with their NFL on FOX theme (which I won’t even link here). It’s one thing to move on from a sports theme you’ve used for years; it’s another thing to replace it with a well-known theme associated with an entirely different sport. It’s not like this theme is amazingly iconic like the NBA on NBC or NHL on ESPN themes, but it’s total garbage to condition your audience to expect to see a football stadium and/or Terry Bradshaw making an ass of himself after hearing a certain minute of music, only to be greeted by the terrifying faces of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I can only imagine how confused a thick-headed football fan would be after such a traumatic experience.

Perhaps FOX figured this would be the best time to make their NFL theme their universal sports theme, seeing as the bigger issue at the moment is millions of New Yorkers not being able to watch the World Series. Although, Cablevision now says you can order the MLB.TV World Series package and they’ll refund your $10. Classy move. Unfortunately, while it seems like News Corp. is being the more unreasonable of the two companies, Cablevision is going to be the one to suffer in this dispute, as customers are just going to start switching to Verizon, DirecTV, etc. On the other hand, it’s not like I can feel sorry for any hardship endured by James Dolan. So yeah, everyone just switch. I can vouch for the greatness of FiOS, at the very least.

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